angela.jpgAngela painted and drew since childhood, spending hours reading about the great artists and copying their works onto little sketchbook papers and canvases.

Her encouraging parents took her to much-looked-forward to art classes in sunny Florida where they grew up. Later moving to Atlanta, she became a nurse, went to graduate school and had a career.

Much later, her then-boyfriend (now husband) wanted to travel. For the first time she walked into thousand-year-old churches…the smell, the light, the dust, the beauty and colors.

As they brought their experiences home in the form of stories and photos to friends and families, some decided to start traveling too.

Angela has studied at art studios in St Petersburg Beach FL and Bellair, at Callanwolde in Atlanta and Studio Borgo in Tuscany. Her visions come from Italy and France, from Santa Fe and St Pete FL, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Boston, Chicago, galleries all over, and home in Alpharetta GA.

Email to ask about turning your favorite travel photo into a one-of-a-kind, original painting. Buon Viaggio!